The company has received more than one hundred honors since its establishment

Honors: 100+ Patent: 100+
Company product is evaluated many times "the JPMA award", "Australian four-star award", "American gold award", "German ADAC products at the first place", "good design" in China, the most popular with consumers, and issued by the China automotive safety organization "security key award", "star of the Chinese Parents brand safety seat class excellence award", etc.

Company honor list

Vice presidency of China Toys and Baby Products Association (MAX-INF)

2017National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Typical Enterprise (INF (Ningbo))

2017 UN Road Safety Decade Campaign Welfare Pioneer (MAX-INF)

2016&2017 CBME Large Charity Sales Event Enterprise of Caring for Orphans (INF (Ningbo))

2017 The 10th Anniversary Star Shield Assistance Award of Car Safety China Travel (MAX-INF)

2017 National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise (INF (Ningbo))

2017 National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Typical Enterprise (INF (Ningbo))

2017 National Maternal and Baby Products Industry Quality Leading Enterprise (INF (Ningbo))

2016 CBME AWARDS China pregnancy and children industry award "service decade award" (MCEF)

2015 Top 10 Key Enterprises in Ningbo’s Manufacturing Industry of High-end Cultural Products

2014 EY-Fudan Most Potential Enterprise-MAX-INF