Talent recruitment

Talent Recruitment

With the improvement of technology, the development of business and the expansion of market share, in the future, MCEF will face more opportunities and greater challenges, and our demand for excellent talents has become more urgent. Based on such goals and strategies, we need all kinds of excellent talents to join us.


  • management trainee
    Post Duties:

    1. According to the training plan, the management trainee will study on duty for 6-12 months in each functional department.
    2, the development direction:design engineer, product engineer, PE engineer, IE engineer, quality engineer, Logistics Officer, HR


    1. Mechanical Design, Automation, Polymer Materials, Mould Design, Mechanical and Electrical Integration, Industrial Engineering, etc.,
    2, Human Resources, Psychology, Business Administration, Logistics Management, International economy and Trade, etc.

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  • Design Engineer
    Post Duties:

    1, responsible for the design and development of the child safety seat
    2, responsible for the verification of the new product and the modification test
    3, responsible for solving the production quality problem
    4, responsible for the preparation of relevant documents
    5, carry out the continuous improvement work


    1. Master the design principles of mechanical and plastic products, have strong mechanism, structure design and movement, mechanical analysis ability
    2, have knowledge of plastics and metal materials, familiar with mechanical processing, injection molding processing technology
    4, passion, innovation, good communication and coordination skills

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  • Post Duties:


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